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Atlas Reactor Open Alpha Now live, Register Quickly

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You can now test the initial release of this title of Atlas Reactor, based on strategy and teamwork. Its closed beta will start soon.

Atlas Reactor Screenshot

In mid-2015 Atlas Reactor was announced, a title for PC by Trion Worlds studio that appeals to a competitive format and changes certain aspects of traditional turn – based on strategy genre. The good thing is you can try its initial version at no charge for a few days, thanks to an alpha test phase open to the public.

All you have to do is enter the official website at this address, fill out the registration form, download the Glyph client and install the open alpha of Atlas Reactor from that interface. The process is fairly simple, and the trial version does not occupy a lot of storage space.

Atlas Reactor faces two teams out of four people; each chooses a character (Freelancer) with different features focused on different roles of attack or support. The shift to implement actions is simultaneous for all participants, without being able to see what others will do and in a short time to decide; after a phase of this resolution where we see how they affect the decisions of attack, defense and movement to the actors of the conflict is played. The objective shown in the manner during this test is to get the largest possible number of enemy casualties before the time runs out.

Trion Worlds also noted that the game will have many more features for the closed beta phase, which would be available on April 14, which will grant access to those who pre-order Founder package offered by the studio. The final product would be Free-to-Play.