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Ataribox will focus on indie titles, not AAA games

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Ataribox will hit the stores in the spring of 2018. We still do not know much about the offer of titles that will be offered, nor the commercial strategy that this new console will follow. However, Feargal Mac Conuladh, in charge of this project, said that they are working to make the system a success.

During an interview with VentureBeat, the manager recalled that Ataribox will not focus only on offering retro games, but also new titles. He also mentioned that the system will triumph where the Steam Machine has failed. Conuladh said that the console will offer a “harmonious” and unified experience.

“We want to be super open, but we also want to deliver an integrated experience for the customers that buy our box. They can plug it in, switch it on, and be playing one harmonious experience. The thing with Steam has you had so many people building the boxes at different prices and structures. It’s cumbersome to do that in a unified way,” Conuladh said.

The manager affirmed that they have worked a long time in the design of the console and that they have looked for a perfect balance between a profitable price with respect to what people expect in this heading. As for the games, Conuladh added: “We’re going to be focusing on indie games. We’re not looking for triple-A development like Sony or Microsoft. There are incredible indie games out there. It’s not always just about graphics. A game like Undertale has sold millions of copies, and that’s almost Commodore 64 graphics. Yet it’s beautiful.”

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To conclude, Conuladh stated that Atari, like Steam and Valve, is an accessible brand where there are public of all ages. For this reason, they will seek to create a large player base and will try to make Ataribox an entertainment center.

The console will have a custom AMD processor with Radeon graphics and a Linux-based operating system. In addition, it will feature an SD slot, HDMI video output, and 4 USB ports. The system will be marketed at an estimated price of between $250 USD and $300 USD.

What do you think about the concept behind this new console? Do you think it has a good reception in the current market?