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Astral Chain File Size Is Only 9.6 GB on Nintendo Switch

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We are getting closer and closer to the release of Astral Chain, the new game of PlatinumGames for Nintendo Switch. The title looks pretty good and seems to be an extensive action-packed adventure. If your plans are to acquire it in digital format, you are undoubtedly worried about the space it will occupy in your console.

The good news is that the title will not occupy as much space as we might think. Astral Chain is now available for preload at least in the Japanese eShop. Thanks to this, we know the exact file size of the game and how much it will occupy.

According to the information, Astral Chain will only require 9.6 GB of free space. The Japanese version comes with several languages ​​included, so it is estimated that the size for our region will be similar or exactly the same. So its download will not represent any problem.

On the other hand, Nintendo revealed on its Twitter account the official cover that the game will have. In it, we see several protagonists who are part of a special police force called Neuron. Below you can see the image:

If you are not a fan of the digital format, you should know that Astral Chain will also be available in physical format. The Japanese players can purchase a special edition, which will include the game, soundtrack and art book.

Recently, information emerged that indicated that the title was the first part of a trilogy. However, Takahisa Taura, creative of PlatinumGames, clarified that it was an error, but also said that he has many ideas to expand this universe.

Astral Chain will release on August 30 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.