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Astral Chain Director Denies There Is A Planned Trilogy

Yesterday, in an interview by IGN, the Director of Astral Chain, one of the most anticipated exclusive releases of the summer for Nintendo Switch, was interpreted by saying that the title is the first entry of a Trilogy. Unfortunately, those who already celebrate the long-term future of the IP should now put the pedal to the brake, because the director of the game himself has wanted to clarify the matter.

So, according to Takahisa Taura, the reality is that there is nothing defined around Astral Chain being definitely a trilogy: “This article reports that [Astral Chain] is ‘being created as the first part of a trilogy,’ but that’s wrong. I said that I’m thinking about various ways that it can be expanded into a trilogy or more.”

That is to say, in his mind, Mr. Taura sees Astral Chain as a franchise with the capacity to extend itself in multiple titles, even beyond the idea of ​​the trilogy that was informed in an original way. However, at the moment there is no decision made about it.

With this in mind, it makes much more sense to pretend to wait and see the reactions of the public to determine if the sales achieved really support an extended development of the brand. At this point, with the ambition that Takahisa Taura seems to possess, the truth is that it is logical to think that we will not be left with a single title of Astral Chain.

Even so, the only thing that is certain in all this is that the title will not receive DLC of any kind and, in addition, if it meets the expectations, Mr. Taura will have it easier to capture everything that is in his head during future occasions.

Astral Chain will release on Nintendo Switch on August 30.

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