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Assassin’s Creed Unity Dead Kings DLC Location or Waypoint

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Ubisoft has apologized about all the trouble with Assassin’s Creed Unity by providing free DLC of Dead Kings which is available to download imminently.

This DLC at 5 hours HD or gain by giving Arno a trip in 1794 out to the city of Paris to the town of Franciade, known as Saint-Louis, prior to the church Cayton Revolution. Once you have downloaded Dead Kings for free you can begin the DLC by travelling to Franciade by using the carriages marked with an “F” on your map as you can see in the video.

To start the DLC you dont have to finish the game but you do need to have finished Sequence 4 which is the one you slash around in the sewers and then kill the King of Rats. Speaking of exploring the underground passages I hope that you do like exploring underground passages because there’s plenty about to come in the Dead Kings DLC. In it Arno agrees to help decide get hold of a lost manuscript in return for safe passage out of the country.

In the course of doing the mission, Arno has to go tomb raiding in the crypts underneath the town which is full of rats, bats and the titular dead kings, very spooky. The Dead King DLC also gives Arno a new Guillotine Gun and a fancy new Oil Lantern for lighting his way and scaring off subterranean critters and bugs. There are also new murder mystery and co-op missions with gear awards for carrying back over into the main game for free.

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So, is this enough to tempt you back to playing Assassin’s Creed Unity or is your copy long since traded in, do tell us in the comments and thanks for watching.