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Assassin’s Creed Origins will offer a world as big as Black Flag, developer confirms

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Ubisoft has surprised strangers and themselves with the new title of their Assassin’s Creed saga, through official images and trailers, as well as various details of the gameplay. But today the French company itself has revealed more details on the size of the map of the game.

The saga of Assassin’s Creed had come out of its traditional annuality to give reflection on some of its mechanics. Back with an Origins episode in open world, the title gives us more details about the size of its map.

It has been one of the developers of the title, Olivier Ged, who has spoken about “The map of Assassin’s Creed Origins will be as big as the one we saw in Black Flag, but replacing the ocean of that land,” he explained during a game session with Xboxygen.

The map of Black Flag is, today, one of the most remembered by fans for its variety and the exotic atmosphere, as well as its colossal size. It will be necessary to see if Ubisoft is able to offer different contents and missions to nourish it, although taking into account the innovations of this title – based on wild animals and a more rolling style in terms of the distribution of objectives -, they are very likely to get it.

Assassin’s Creed Origins has a combat system and an artificial intelligence of completely new enemies, who will no longer take turns attacking you, with a more natural combat that will depend more on the impact areas of our character and enemies. It will have more RPG elements than ever, and the environment, wilder than usual, will feature animals like hippos and lions that will make things difficult for us. Finally, several mounts have been confirmed, from horses to camels.

With its free exploration, the world of the game looks immense (much larger than the map of GTA V to give an order of ideas). It remains to be seen how the whole thing will come to life and will be used by Ubisoft. Is it worth recalling that quantity is not always synonymous with quality when it comes to open world?