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Assassin’s Creed Origins Patch 1.0.5 Download Available Now

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From now on, the PS4 users can download the new Assassin’s Creed Origins patch: the update improves some features of the game and solves a number of technical issues, including bugs that could compromise the integrity of the save files.

As for the other two platforms, the patch should arrive on Xbox One on November 20, while the PC version is still waiting for more details.

The patch, with a total weight of 1.3GB, solves a number of bugs (especially those that could compromise your save game files) and improves overall gaming experience, while also slightly smoothing the challenge level in Hard Mode (the enemies below your level will be more challenging to deal with).

Check out the complete changelog of patch 1.0.5 version at this link and the important ones below:

Improved performance and stability
Fixed some infinite loading and black screen hang
[PC] Fixed hardware performance metrics for Radeon R9 2xx series
[PC] Fixed several Ultra HD monitor, multi-monitor mode, and multi GPU mode issues
[PC] Fixed infinite saving occurring in Photo Mode when anti-aliasing option is Off

Graphics & Audio:
Improved Sandstorm ending visual
Fixed some level of detail issues in the world and for some NPCs
Fixed an issue that could prevent the call mount whistle from playing
Fixed an issue that could cause music tracks to overlap
[Xbox One X][PS4] Revised the default Luminance value in the HDR settings
[PC] Temporarily deactivated spatial sound support to resolve issues with some USB headsets
[PC] Fixed the functionality of the Field Of View option during the Benchmark session

The selected cheat option for Bayek’s hair and beard will now remain saved
Improved various animations on the playable character
Improved the navigation of the playable character
Improved shield stance behavior while on vehicles or mounts
Improved NPCs and animals reactions and navigation
Improved Raging Axe’s boss fight behavior in Arena
Improved spawning delay on loot bags when killing NPCs
Improved shield charge behavior
Improved Follow Road mode
Revised fire damage taken by the playable character
Revised poison propagation
Made enemies of lower level than the player more challenging in Hard Mode
Fixed some loading issues while using Senu
Fixed some issues preventing the playable character from interacting with loot bags
Fixed an issue that allowed thrown torches to inflict poison or bleed effect
Fixed spear fight animation against some enemies
Fixed an issue with loot bag spawning in shallow water
Fixed an issue preventing crocodiles from being damaged while in water
Fixed an issue with the activation of slow-motion
Fixed various issues causing the playable character to be stuck
Fixed some camera clipping issues
Fixed some issues preventing bows to automatically sheathe
Fixed an issue where counterweights could remain stuck on the ceiling in the Tomb of Sneferu
Fixed an issue that could prevent Overpower Chain Throw from being used
Fixed an issue that could prevent Chain Attack from dealing damage when a spear is equipped
Fixed an issue that could prevent the player from interacting with the entrance of “Eesfet Oon-m’Aa Poo”
Fixed issue preventing Senu’s perception range from being taken into account when loading a save game
[PC] Fixed movement issues in Walk mode