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Ascendant game for PS4 download available on August 25 2015

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Ascendant is a new game that is coming on PS4 on August 25. The game features a side scrolling environment where you will be dealing with different rivals in a war. The game brings amazing environment and a very unique gameplay. If we see today most of the game comes with amazing graphics. At this point Ascendant can be a kind of experiment on players. If players do really like this game then it would be a kind of instant hit. The game brings up very impressive storyline where you will be playing a demigod who is in war against his rivals. You have to make your way through the war to achieve your mission.

Ascendant Game Pics
Ascendant Game Pics

Ascendant game offers you to use a lot of different weapons, armors and spells. With this there is one new thing that is added that acts as the health of the character. It is the blessings. That would help you to gain a bit more power over others. The mission is usually based on finding up a divine throne. Below you can see the video that shows a very colorful gameplay. It does not really look too violent but more fun. The game is having amazing levels as per the video we had see. The character can also improve in the game on the basis of his abilities and then further he can grow more powerful. The game has a lot of unique concept. It is a kind of new thing for players to checkout and you will really enjoy it too.

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