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ARMS runs at 1080p and 60fps in docked mode, 900p in split-screen

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Good news for those who follow slavishly the more technical side of video games. A recent test drive of Digital Foundry, in fact, shows that ARMS maintains unflinchingly 60 frames per second on Nintendo Switch. The British colleagues point of spending an hour and a half without any shooting.

The Digital Foundry Team, The YouTube channel specializing in checking the performance of new games and consoles, has tested the next big game for Nintendo Switch: ARMS.

The fighting game is stable at all times, without dropping a single frame during the game. In single player mode the title is executed at 1080p resolution with a fluency of 60 frames per second.

As for the resolution, the TV mode, or docked mode, will run at 1080p, but there will be a slight drop in 900p while playing in split-screen. The split screen will also lower the frame rate to 30fps with four users, while this will remain unchanged with only two players.

ARMS, which will go on sale on June 16, was presented in depth on a Nintendo Direct that took place last night: there was also shown 10 wrestlers who will come with the launch, made sure that there will be free updates and put date to an open beta.

ARMS is a fighting game that uses the motion sensor of the Joy-Con that will put the player to control each of the character’s fists, which is customizable. Each wrestler can equip two “weapons” in his hands before the match.

Below is a complete analysis of Digital Foundry.

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