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ARMS New Trailer Highlights Chakram Weapon

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Nintendo has shared a new video of ARMS, the title of combat that will be coming exclusively to Switch, which shows us mainly the Chakram weapon as well as the alternative colors that will be available to the different characters of this title.

Nintendo today shared a new screenshot of ARMS, revealing Ninjara’s alternate costume. Well, rather it is a change of the same color that allows us to see what the character looks like when our rival chooses the same one.

On the other hand, Nintendo has also shared a new video, featuring another weapon: the Chakram. It is a weapon that results from the massive production of traditional ninja weapons with the latest technology. As you rotate, the centrifugal force increases in size.

As for the Chakram, it is an old ninja weapon that has evolved and has been produced in mass thanks to the newest technology. This super weapon is characterized by the ability to bend its trajectory to reach the enemy, allowing a complex combat style. In addition, its size can be increased.

For its part, Nintendo has also explained that the same character can be used in fights, for which each of them will have different colors.

As it was recently announced, ARMS will go on sale on Nintendo Switch on June 6, 2017.

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