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ARMS new character Helix joins the roster

Nintendo has announced a new character in the roster for ARMS: it is called as Helix, hero created in the laboratory and with an elastic body able to stretch out of proportion and take various forms, with the ability to return to its original state in a short time.

Nintendo has presented a new trailer of ARMS showcasing Helix, one of the fighters of their exclusive one-on-one Nintendo Switch fighting game scheduled for June 16.

According to the official description, Helix has been created in ARMS Laboratories, Inc. and its characteristic is that it can be shrunk and stretched at will thanks to its elastic construction.

ARMS is a combat game that seems to be in the tradition of Punch-Out with a casual and futuristic aesthetic. The wrestlers fists are attached to their body by springs that allow them to attack from a distance in the quadrilateral. In fact, the game has been defined as a combination of fighting game and aiming.

The JoyCon detect movements of the player’s hand and wrist to attack and fight with opponents, as well as moving around the battle scene with freedom.

In the bottom of the news you can watch a trailer showing Helix in action, remember that ARMS will be available in Europe from June 16 in the standard version and bundled with a new yellow Joy-Con, which will be sold separately from the same day.

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