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ARMS Graphic Novel Delayed To January 2019

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Are you having a hard time waiting for the arrival of the first volume of the ARMS graphic novel? We recommend that you do your best to increase your levels of patience since its release was delayed.

If you’ve been watching the news you know that, when Dark Horse Comics announced the release of its graphic novel, it made it clear that the novel was going to debut sometime in the fall of 2018. Unfortunately, those plans changed and this story is now scheduled to arrive until January 2019.

But how do we know? As part of Free Comic Book Day, Dark Horse gave away an ARMS comic. It shows advertising of the first volume of ARMS’s graphic novel and indicates that it will arrive until January 2019. You can see it in the image published at the bottom of this news that Joe Fourhman shared on Twitter.

It is important to note that Dark Horse Comics has not explained why this situation is due. Therefore, we do not know if it is a delay caused by an administrative decision or if there was a problem in the creation of the product.

ARMS arrived exclusively for Switch in the middle of last year. Are you excited for the premiere of the graphic novel? What kind of story do you expect to see in it? Tell us in the comments below.