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ARMS for Nintendo Switch will be released in June 2017?

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The Spanish division of Amazon may have revealed the release date of ARMS for Nintendo Switch: according to reports, the game will be available in Europe from Wednesday, June 23, however, the date is not confirmed yet by the publisher.

According to reports on the ARMS store page on Amazon Spain, the game for Nintendo Switch could debut in June.

To date, we still do not know the release date of ARMS, the fighting game developed exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The title until now had a launch window scheduled for the spring, without further specification. Now, thanks to Amazon Spain it was unveiled what could be the date of the final output, ie 23 June.

The Spanish division of Amazon has updated the product page in the past few hours, at the time, however, we do not know if the date in question is a simple placeholder or not, even if it appears all too precise and accurate.

ARMS is one of the most interesting titles in the line-up of Nintendo Switch. Its gameplay based on hitting the opponent with their fists, thanks to the mechanical extendable arms and powerful combos.

The title can be played both in single-player, even online, as multi-player local. In the latter mode, though, according to reports from the producer Kosuke Yabuki, it would be better to play with 2 Joy-Con per player, rather than just one.

We look forward to learn more, Amazon Italy had previously reported the release date of ARMS as on May 2, the game should in any case arrive by the spring or in the first weeks of the summer, as stated in recent months by Nintendo.

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