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ARK Survival Evolved will run in 2 graphical modes Xbox One X but won’t run at 4K

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Studio Wildcard announced that at the launch of Xbox One X a patch for ARK Survival Evolved will be released. The game will exploit the potential of the new console, but will not run at 4K, unlike what was initially hypothesized.

ARK Survival Evolved will present two graphical modes, namely 1080p/60fps and 1440/30fps, both with HDR support. The patch in question also introduces compatibility with Xbox Play Anywhere and Cross-Play to play with friends on PC, but not on PlayStation 4.

The company first claimed that Ark will run at 1440p and 30FPS on Xbox One X with a graphics quality equivalent to the “High” setting applicable to PC.

Responding to a user asking for clarification about it, the software house later specified that they were looking at the option of offering an alternative player option, which could then prefer 1080p and 60FPS with “medium” graphics settings.

Speaking of cross-play between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users, Studio Wildcard said it had successfully tested the feature, but also said that Sony is not currently planning on doing this (as has already been the case with games such as Rocket League and Minecraft).

ARK Survival Evolved is now available on all platforms mentioned, in October we will see the new Aberration expansion as well.