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Are Virtual Casinos a Reality? 

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Without a doubt, we live in a world drenched in high-end technology and virtual reality is just one of the wondrous advances that we can witness today. VR hardware has been available within some industries since 2011 but as a web designer or webmaster you may not have been impacted yet. This is however about to change. As new technology becomes available to more branches, more clients will request changes to their web design. As a web designer it’s always important to stay updated with the latest technological developments and how they are being implemented within various industries. VR technology allows us to enjoy fully immersive experiences in a number of fields and niches and started within video gaming. Next in line are virtual reality casino games and even the development of VR Casinos. Many believe 2020 will see a jump in the development of Gamification and VR casinos so, let’s find out how these casinos work and what to expect from them in the future.


The Mechanisms Of Virtual Reality Games

Briefly put, virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of the environment or image. It stimulates our sound and sight senses in such a realistic way that it leaves the user with the understanding that the experience was real. If you are already familiar with the way the latest video game consoles work, you are already one step closer to knowing what the VR casino experience feels and looks like. With high-resolution images displayed at huge frame rates, players are able to move their head freely and see the images and views changing, minus the annoying lagging, which is a huge plus

You will need to shop for specialized gaming equipment in order to be able to play VR casino games. Just think in terms of the PlayStation VR released by Sony, Vive by HTC or the Oculus Rift manufactured by Facebook and you should get a pretty clear idea about the type of equipment you will need.

VR Casinos – Are They Real?

When we talk about casinos that are VR we talk about a fine replica of a land-based casino. Except for the taste of the drink, the visual experience of the virtual reality environment is very close to that of being in a real casino environment. When we talk about VR casinos today we usually refer to online gaming operators that have at least one type of Live Casino with 3D Virtual Reality in their gaming portfolio. 

The known provider of online casino games, Microgaming, was among the first to develop VR casino games. Already in 2016 they won an award for the best VR Roulette. In 2017 the Swedish game developer NetEntertainment released their first Virtual Reality slot game Gonzo’s Quest and it is still one of the most popular games at online casinos across the world. The game has a VR tab and once the VR headset is connected the player is immersed into an amazing 3D world.

Despite the fact that VR games like VR Blackjack and VR Roulette have been under development already for a few years now, the gaming public has not yet jumped on the idea which probably explains why we are still waiting for the ultimate VR casino and some believe this will happen during 2020. During 2019 several game developers confirmed they were working intensively on their development of gamification casinos and VR games. 

We should also mention that a virtual reality casino is not only about the personal experience of feeling the environment. It also enable players to get in touch and talk to other players, as well as the dealers or croupiers in the game. It is also possible to create your favorite avatars and game characters and even access loads of engaging multiplayer games in real-time. This means you could share your passion for casino games with your closest friends or family.

Virtual Reality Goggles And Other Necessary Gear

Besides the previously mentioned VR devices, VR casino players also need special VR goggles to play, as well as computers or laptops that are powerful enough to comply with the advanced requirements of these games. While VR casinos can also be accessed and used without a pair of compatible goggles, you will be only enjoying a 3D experience and not a completely immersive one.

The right headset should also be a part of your shopping list if you plan on using a VR casino with all the necessary gear so you can fully enjoy all its perks and features. There are plenty of reviews and specialized websites that are selling VR equipment so you should have no problem identifying the ideal choices that fall within your budget.

As for the computer requirements you may need to upgrade your PC for VR gaming. You will not be able to enjoy your gaming if your PC is not up for it and we can mention at least 8GB RAM, Windows 7 SP1 or a more recent version and NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 or higher.

Do We Need VR Casinos?

Traditional casino players that have not found the online casino experience fulfilling their visual and interactive needs may be more willing to start playing online if the casino is VR with the atmosphere they are used to from their land-based casino. There are of course many casino interested people today that can’t visit a land-based casino either due to distance or due to physical impairments that would benefit from the VR experience. 

If the development will attract traditional casino players to finally accept the online version is yet to be seen but for sure, anyone who tries it will definitely discover an amazing three-dimensional experience. Expect to easily interact with all specific casino elements and personnel, as well as other gamblers for a fully immersive experience.

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