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Arc System Works Has 3 Unannounced Nintendo Switch Games in the Works

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Arc System Works has left us in recent years with some of the most outstanding fighting releases of the genre, possibly being its great victory with Dragon Ball FighterZ. Since then, the company has been very active, both in the role of developer and distributor, and Nintendo Switch is a platform that has gradually gained the trust of the company.

Now, it seems that Arc System Works still has a lot of interest in the hybrid console, as according to information from Siliconera, there are up to 3 games in the Taiwanese rating board to be revealed for Nintendo Switch. Specifically, it is clarified that the ratings correspond to two action launches and one of sports, without knowledge of their identity – nor really any details that can help clarify which ones they are.

Arc System Works 3 Unannounced Games for Nintendo Switch

However, the classification body refers to the following wordings for the 3 titles:

  1. Unrevealed title A
  2. Unrevealed title B
  3. Unrevealed title T

So, now only several questions remain: what games Arc System Works has in mind? Certainly, a launch that we should have under consideration is the new Guilty Gear, which gains new followers to each series that is made for the game. This is mainly due to the fact that despite the fact that such creation has only been confirmed for the moment for PlayStation 4, there has been no indication that it would reach the industry market as an exclusive launch.

Thus, Nintendo Switch keeps up taking over PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, at least until the arrival of the next generation consoles of Microsoft and Sony once it releases at the end of 2020. In any case, this implies that more and more companies are betting on bringing releases of all kinds to the hybrid console, a fact that is nothing but good news for their users.

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