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Apex Legends Season 2 Guide: Wattson Tips & Tricks, Strategies To Win, and More

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We have a new member in Apex Legends. With the premiere of Season 2, we can now play as Wattson in Apex Legends, and it will give you a new way to face the combats that you will end up liking.

With the beginning of season 2 in Apex Legends, we have many new features and one of them is the possibility of obtaining a new character named Wattson. We are talking about a static advocate that has different skills related to electricity, and that you can take advantage of, in Apex Legends.

In this guide, we will talk about all the skills of Wattson in Apex Legends, the best tactics and also the team configuration that best suits this new character.



How to unlock Wattson in Apex Legends:

To unlock Wattson in Apex Legends you will have to pay for it. Once you have updated the patch for the second season, you should go to the store and buy 750 Apex coins. Then in legends in the store, you will see that you can buy Wattson for 750 coins and you will be able to select it for your team forever.

What are the skills of Wattson:

  • Tactical ability with security perimeter: Thanks to this ability the character is able to connect nodes to create electrified fences that can hurt enemies and also slow them down.
  • Passive ability with the spark of genius: Accelerators carry the ultimate tactical ability.
  • Final skill in interceptor Tower: The character places a tower that destroys the explosives that throw you and also repairs the damaged shields while it is active.

Best tactics to use with Wattson:

  • We are facing a character aimed at the defense. Wattson performs best in closed and interior areas because it can end up trapping enemies with her electrified nodes.
  • During these first hours of availability, she can position herself as an especially useful counter against Bangalore or Gibraltar.
  • You can use her electrified fences to trap enemies or you can even block doors or exits. Many of the enemies will eventually have to go through these fences which will affect them in damage and also their speed of movement.
  • If you are agile, you can also place different lines of electrified fences to make the enemy describe the path that interests you to set an ambush.
  • If things get bad, the interceptor towers are especially useful and will allow you and the team to take a break.

Better equipment components for Wattson:

Wattson + Bangalore + bloodhound:
The Bangalore smoke can hide Wattson’s traps while Bloodhound can kill the trapped enemies.

Wattson + Lifeline + Pathfinder:
Thanks to this configuration you will be able to maintain health and shields constantly recharged while passive eliminations are made.

Wattson + Caustic + Wraith:
Especially useful in closed areas where Wattson can block doors, while Caustic poison traps will cause the most battle-hardened enemies to come out. Finally, with Wraith you can finish with the exposed and injured enemies.

Now you know what are the best tactics to win with Wattson, one of the new characters for Apex Legends. If you have more questions about the game, you can consult all other guides of Apex Legends at this address.