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Apex Legends Guide – How to Complete Legendary Hunt Challenges

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The new Apex Legends Legendary Hunt event is available to all players of the Respawn Entertainment battle royale. In this mini-guide we will explain how to complete all the challenges of the event, helping you to get the relative rewards.

Below we list all the challenges to be completed in the limited-time Legendary Hunting mode, explaining how to complete them to get the relative rewards of the event.

Arrive among the top 5 teams in any game (Legendary Hunting Badge):

To complete this challenge you will have to arrive in the top 5 teams in any game. If you play in the company of a close-knit team, it will not be difficult to reach the goal and get the Legend Hunting Badge in reward.

Arrive among the top 5 teams in an Elite mode game (Wolfpack, rare camouflage for the G7 Scout):

In this case, you will have to arrive among the top 5 teams, but playing in the Elite mode. Teamwork will play an even more crucial role in completing this challenge. Once you succeed, you will receive the rare camouflage for the G7 Scout.

Arrive 5 times in the top 5 teams in any game (Master of the Hunt, epic skin for Bloodhound):

The same advice applies to the first challenge, with the difference that in this case, you will have to arrive in the top 5 teams over 5 different games. The expected reward is an epic skin for Bloodhound.

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Win 2 games during the event (Tamed Beast, legendary Triple Take camouflage):

For the last challenge, you just need to win 2 games during the Legendary Hunting event: in this regard, let us remember that the end of the event will coincide with the debut of the next season. We would like to point out that you will be able to attend Apex Legends’ Season 2 announcement during EA Play.

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