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Anthem’s Gameplay on E3 2018 Ran on 2 GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Cards

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Companies seek to excel in the most important video game events and in those cases where a title is multiplatform, it is chosen to show advances and gameplay of the PC version, which we all know is the best visual quality display. This was the case with the Anthem gameplay that was presented in E3 2018, which was already known to run on PC but today revealed an interesting detail.

Mark Darrah, the executive producer of Anthem, revealed on his official Twitter account that the gameplay of the title shown in E3 2018 worked on a PC with 2 Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti graphics cards, a device that allowed a visual display in a 4K resolution with 60 frame rates per second.

Immediately after the publication, some PC players expressed concern about the hardware requirements to run Anthem on their computers, however, Darrah himself assured that they will continue to optimize the title until its launch, so there should be no fear in that sense.

Mark Darrah’s revelation regarding Anthem’s gameplay in E3 2018 was a bit different from the version given by EA and Nvidia, who said that the title was running on a computer with only one GTX 1080 Ti card, however, it is necessary to take into account that in some cases the developers prepare only part of the game to show at its best to meet the expectations of the event.

Anthem will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 22, 2019.

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