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Analyst: Anthem Loot Box System Will Only Have Cosmetic Items

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The well-known analyst Michael Pachter, after the problems that EA has had with Battlefront II and its abusive micropayments, talks about the possible microtransactions system that the developers will adopt with Anthem.

Anthem is the new BioWare title that will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Last November, the development team took a step forward to make its position clear regarding the loot boxes. After ensuring that “they were listening to the players”, the analyst Michael Pachter wanted to discuss on the matter.

“So the question for Anthem is, will EA screw it up like with Star Wars?,” Pachter said in his latest report. “Or will they follow the Overwatch and Destiny roadmap, where the actual game is fun to play and the payments are ancillary? Because where they got into trouble with Star Wars was in making it pay to win.”

The analyst indicated that, if they had limited themselves to purely cosmetic items, he does not “think anyone would have said anything.”

“So Anthem has the potential to be Destiny like in terms of game experience, and Overwatch like in terms of microtransactions offered, where it’s all cosmetic and no one bats an eye,” Pachter concluded.

Anthem is an action-RPG game where we will travel in an enormous world that mixes advanced technology with the ruins of an ancient civilization, in which we will have to fight with wild beasts and looters. The main characters are Freelancer, one of the groups of people who leave their civilization to explore the surrounding landscape.

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