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Anthem Day One Copy Broken in Middle East

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Even Anthem did not escape the curse of breaking Day One: according to reports coming from many users on social media platforms, the Day One of the new game of BioWare has been broken in many countries, including the Middle East, where the first copies started to circulate as early as yesterday.

At the moment, the Day One of Anthem is not broken in our country and the main Indian retailers have not yet started selling the game, whose official launch is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday 22 February.

It is not clear whether those who have started playing in advance will have access to the reserved early access servers or if the “official” infrastructure will not be open until midnight.

In the past few hours, BioWare has published Anthem’s day one patch that goes to fix a lot of bugs and technical problems, optimizing loading times on PC and solving a bug of matchmaking, which couples low level players with more experienced users, also allowing the first players to access the final mission.

The release of the update also makes a significant improvement to the system responsible for managing the loot, in particular the probability of acquiring rare items of equipment, materials and objects, a problem that negatively affected the opinions expressed (perhaps a bit superficially, as suggested by Mike Ybarra of Microsoft) by some reviewers.

At the bottom of this article, you will find the link to consult the complete list of news that characterize this important update. At this point, we can only remind you that Anthem is expected to be released on February 22 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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