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Rumor: Anthem Could Be Coming to EA Access, Free-To-Play Distribution Expected

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New rumors seem to suggest what the future of Anthem is hiding, the recent project of BioWare that has suffered few criticisms from gamers. These new rumors come from a post on the MMOG Fails blog and, according to the author, all the rumors come from an anonymous source close to Electronic Arts.

The first information concerns the EA Access, apparently, Anthem could be included in the library of the service in the same period in which it will arrive on PlayStation 4 or soon after.

It also appears that BioWare management is blaming players and their comments as a cause of poor game sales. But the team also criticized the behavior of Electronic Arts that had accelerated the release by declaring that they could solve problems with subsequent patches.

Even this source seems to confirm that the two companies are not going to abandon the project, BioWare is indeed working hard to solve all Anthem problems and add new content.

Apparently, Electronic Arts is not even rejecting the idea of ​​making the title Free to Play, a necessary move if the situation does not improve even after having solved the bugs and the landing of the game in EA Access. Finally, it seems that BioWare is working on a modification of the loot system, an implementation that will not come soon.

Several games that have been released in recent years have been criticized for lack of content at launch. For example, Microsoft’s first-party workshops were Sea of ​​Thieves, which have been reviewed in recent weeks.

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However, many major releases, including Battlefield V and Anthem, faced EA’s criticism for lack of content. But EA intends to learn from its criticism. Andrew Wilson, chief of Electronic Arts, said in the announcement of the financial results that the problem lies mainly in how Western players perceive the release of games.