Angry Birds 2 download available this month July 30

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Sequel to Angry Birds is already in listing with a price and it is announced that it will be coming at the end of this month that is around July 30. Angry Birds was one of the most popular games that was downloaded billion times around the globe. It is a record breaking game. And now after quite a long time the game developer has announced a sequel to this game. It is a simple yet very addictive game that got popular on iOS first and then on Android it was a major hit. The second version will be more interesting. The first version was launched in 2009 and after almost 6 years Rovio is finally working on the new edition. Yet is not clear what will be the new changes in this version.

Angry Birds 2 Screenshot
Angry Birds 2 Screenshot

Also you can watch a small trailer at the end of this article. It is just an 11 second video that shows the intro of this game. The video does not explain much. But we are quite excited to see what real things this new version is going to bring. The first version came out in different editions that targets famous movie titles also. But the base gameplay was same. There is already a lot of discussion going on about the sequel and in coming months we might see a final trailer. We are waiting to see what new changes Rovio is going to bring in the game that would make it another big hit.