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Android vs. iOS for Gamblers

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Technology has a way of changing how industries operate. It influences consumer behaviour and affects market demand. The introduction of the smartphone has had disruptive effects on almost every industry, including the gambling sector, read on to find differences between Android and iOS for Gamblers.

Gamblers shifted their focus from visiting physical casinos to placing bets from their handheld devices. With a large selection of mobile gambling apps available across both platforms, players are spoilt for choice. 

For serious bettors, the experience is as important as the actual wager. We explore the differences between the Android and iOS systems, and you decide which works better for you.



Android smartphones beat iOS devices in terms of selection. There are more apps available for the Android operating system than for Apple devices. The number of products in the Google Play store increases by 30% every year. It makes sense in a way since it’s open-source software and is more accessible to mobile app developers. 

It also has a larger global market share than iOS, which holds most of its stake in the US market. Android is a cheaper option, so it tends to put phones in more hands. It’s a clear choice for gamblers that are looking for a wide selection of different options. 

Large gaming operators such as casino Jackpot City have realized that they need to provide access to services on both platforms to gain a more significant market share. 


According to our gambling expert Daniel Bennet, it’s all good and well to have a large selection, but online security should be more of a priority. He maintains that the iOS platform is one of the safest in the world. The Apple App store is more strictly regulated, which means fewer scam casino apps are getting through to the players. 

Any new software is rigorously screened, and if it doesn’t comply with regulations, it won’t be allowed onto the store. Of course, there might be a couple that make it through, but most apps developed for iOS are generally safer and more secure. 

In 2018, Apple also took the initiative to wipe out hundreds of gambling-related apps to thwart illegal online gambling. However, most of the games it wiped were from independent developers. 

Taking a big brother stance means that sometimes legit gambling apps are restricted, whereas Google rarely gets in the way of mobile gaming applications. It means you can find more on Android, but you’re playing at your own risk, whereas iOS tries to manage some of the risks for you.


Comparing the quality of Android and iOS for Gamblers is challenging, as both iOS and Android operations systems provide a fair gaming experience. However, Apple users might get slightly better gameplay due to a decision made by the company in 2016. 

The technological giant decided it won’t allow substandard apps onto the store, which included games. Due to Apple’s high standards, the games are solid with excellent quality and very few technical issues. Unfortunately, Google Play never cleans up its apps, and many within the gaming selection are low quality with glitches during gameplay. 


Early Access

One of the distinct advantages of iOS is that most of the games are developed for the platform first, and only later, an Android version is built. So gamblers with Apple devices will enjoy all the latest casino and sportsbook offers first. 

One of the main reasons for this is that developers only have to make their game available to work on iPhones and iPads. In contrast, there are thousands of different phones using Android. Apple users also pay more money for games and applications, allowing developers to earn money sooner. 


Most people have accepted that smartphones are here to stay and are deeply integrated into our daily lives. Gamblers now no longer need to leave home to get access to the best betting options and promotions. As long as the gaming operators have their apps listed on both iOS and Android platforms, it will allow the gambling industry to grow exponentially.