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Categories Of Android Games Worth Playing

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As time is progressing, gaming on Android is becoming more significant and superior. A slew of new game titles is coming continuously in the market. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie who just wants to pass his or her time or you are a pro who wants something with a bit more meat on its bones, there’s always a game that satisfies the taste of both the categories of android games. Sometimes, android games are on par, while at times it may fall short of the expectations.

With the presence of abundant choice of android games, it becomes a tedious and difficult job to pick out the gems from the dross. Suiting to the demands of disparate gamers, a diverse variety of android games are present. The different categories of android games assist us to pick up the right choice from a pool of botched console parts to get an amazing touchscreen experience. Some of these games are free of cost while some cost a few bucks. However, some games may require an in-app purchase (IAP) to improve the gaming experience.

The most uncomplicated categories of android games of different genres is given below.

1. Racing games

There is a whole different level of craze among the masses when it comes to racing games. Earlier, racing games were only limited to Play Station, Xbox, and PCs but now they had also made their entrance in the android phones. A lot of racing games can be found on Play Store or online sites according to your device’s configuration. Some of them are Asphalt 9, GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp, Micro Machines, CSR Racing 2, etc.

2. Fighting games

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The prevalence of playing fighting games on android smartphones is extreme amongst people belonging to all age groups. Although there may have been some decrease in the number of people playing fighting games, the genre of fighting games is no less popular as compared to other genres. Fighting games came in trend through arcade machines and their legacy is now carried forward by the android smartphones. Some of the famous fighting games are Mortal Combat, Shadow Fight, Real Boxing – KO Fighting Game, etc.

3. Strategy games

Apart from being entertaining strategy games are also challenging. The sorcery of strategy games lies in the fact that these games are amusing to play simultaneously making your brain exercise a little bit harder. Strategy games have become conventional nowadays because of the advent of android only. These games can not only make your commute to different places interesting but can also make the end of your day engaging and relaxing at the same time.

One of the key characteristics of strategy games is that these games are addictive. Some famous strategy android games are Clash of Clans, Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Clash Royale, etc.

4. Action games

During earlier states, action mobile gaming was approached as just a part-time substitute at the time when you are not able to access your personal computer or console. However, now this approach has changed and android games have emerged as a separate branch of gaming where ruffled graphics and pixelated gameplay have evolved into a novel ripple of games having remarkable visuals, splendid mechanics, even gameplay along with an impressive back story, specifically when it comes to action android games.

Some adrenaline rushing action games that’ll give you a stimulating experience and keep you engaged for quite some time are PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, N.O.V.A. Legacy, Mini Militia, etc.

5. Sports games

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For those who are very enthusiastic about outdoor sports but don’t have time to go out and play, sports android games are meant especially for you. The virtualization of sports was cooked in the antiquity of video games in which tennis was the first sport to be virtualized. Since then, there is no sport that has been far away from being digitized. Starting from cricket and football to carrom and billiards, all of these have been converted into virtual games. Android has also not been far away in this field and there are plenty of sports games present on Play Store, App Store, or other online sites.

The main feature of these games is that they are very close to the real world in terms of gameplay and rules which make them even more exciting to play. Some android games which can actually bring out the sportsman inside you are FIFA Football, Real Cricket 20, NBA Live Mobile Basketball, Golf Clash, 8 ball pool, etc.