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Analysts suggests that Super Mario Run will be a major hit worldwide than Pokemon GO

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Super Mario Run will arrive on the App Store next week and analysts have already begun to spread information on the potential success of the game. In particular, according to AppAnnie, the title will enjoy a success even greater than that recorded on Pokemon GO, real mass phenomenon of summer 2016.


According to experts of AppAnnie, having presented Super Mario Run during the launch of the iPhone 7 keynote guaranteed to play a great advertising and the strategic alliance between Nintendo and Apple seems to have borne fruit, with the Cupertino support it is heavily advertising the game on the App Store.

Super Mario Run will be launched on December 15 in 151 countries, the game will be offered free of charge in a free-to-start version, but to unlock all content you will need to pay 9.99 dollars, a figure that according to AppAnnie will not be a limit to the success of the game.

The Christmas season will give a big boost to sales and downloads of Super Mario Run, which should prove to be one of the largest mobile game successes of recent times.

Recall that Super Mario Run will be available on iOS on December 15. The game can be downloaded for free from the App Store and it will allow you to try all the three modes that are included. Paying $9.99 will unlock unlimited access to all content.

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