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Analyst suggests PS4 Neo could cost $399 and PS4 Slim at $299

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PlayStation Neo could be sold at the same price of PS4 at launch, and as for PlayStation 4 Slim, the cost could be the same as Xbox One S 500GB.

PS4 Slim

Although Sony has not yet revealed anything about the price of the much anticipated consoles of PlayStation Neo and PlayStation 4 Slim, an analyst has made some predictions about what the two console could cost at the launch.

To reveal it, this is the reporter for Wall Street, Takashi Mochizuki, who posted a tweet stating that the analyst Atul Goyal expected that the PlayStation 4 Neo will be distributed at a cost of $399 while the PlayStation 4 Slim at $299, the same price as Xbox One S.

Below is the tweet:

As for the price of PlayStation Neo, many have argued that it will be equal to the price of PlayStation 4 at launch. However, considering that Neo is a much more powerful console than the standard version, it would be absurd to see a slightly higher price for the new console.

Instead, the price of the PlayStation 4 Slim was estimated under $300 for a matter of competitiveness compared to the counterparts of Microsoft Xbox One S, whose 500GB version is always priced $299.