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PS5 Price Will Be $400, According to an Analyst

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The technical specifications of PS5 unveiled by Mark Cerny in person have left video gamers and professionals stunned. The future home console of Sony, still without a release date, will mount a Zen 2 CPU, an AMD Navi video card with support for Ray Tracing and 8K resolution, and an SSD that will speed up uploads.

Many fear that so much abundance under the bonnet will increase the launch price of the console, which could be higher than that of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro – both arrived on the market at a cost of $399/€399 – and settled at around $500/€500.

Pelham Smithers, Managing Director of Pelham Smithers Associates, a company specializing in Japanese manufacturing, is not of this opinion. Based on the information provided by Cerny, Smithers claimed that PS5 could mount an AMD Ryzen 3600G CPU, a processor presented at this year’s CES with a retail value of around $180-220. This is a relatively a low-cost processor, which could allow Sony to sell PlayStation 5 at the attractive price of $399.

A figure like that, we are sure, would undoubtedly make the players happy, who would be more likely to make the move to the next-gen. After all, PS5 will also be backwards compatible. It should be noted, in any case, that Sony has not yet provided precise details on the price. The same Cerny limited himself to affirming that it will be “appealing to gamers” without supplying any figure.