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Analyst: PS5 Launches November 2020, 21 Million Units Sold at $499 Expected by 2022

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After being presented a few weeks ago, PS5 – theoretical name for the next generation console – has logically become the biggest attraction of Sony. While it is true that there are still important details to be defined by the company such as the releases of The Last of Us Part II or Death Stranding, among others, nothing beats what will be the future of the Japanese brand in the field of video games. However, there is still a great doubt about this: when will it arrive?

Hideki Yasuda, from Ace Research Institute Analyst, has developed an analysis – or prediction, as preferred – about various elementary questions about PS5. The first of these, which we referred to in the previous paragraph, is the one referring to its supposed launch date, and although Mr. Yasuda does not offer a day as such, he determines that the most likely scenario is that the console will release in November 2020.

On the other hand, once in the market, Hideki Yasuda expects PS5 to reach 6 million units sold in its first fiscal year that is, March 2021, which would be approximately one million monthly. After the second fiscal year, which would close in March 2022, Yasuda expects an increase in the sales rate, reaching by then 21 million PS5 consoles sold.

But … how much should players pay for PS5? Mr. Yasuda also addresses this issue, and notes that a price of $499 is to be expected. He also indicates that the platform in question will not be threatened in the least by the growing presence of gaming services in the cloud, finding the clearest example of Google Stadia. Although we still do not know several points in terms of Sony’s console hardware, everything seems to indicate that aspirations such as the elimination of load times will end up keeping the public in the traditional side of the industry.

Will all these forecasts be met? The truth is that it is still too early to know, and we must bear in mind that Hideki Yasuda has made his move with relatively little data revealed on the console, so in any case, we remind you to take this news with a pinch of salt.