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Analyst: GTA 6 Won’t Release Until Fiscal 2022, “Take-Two Is Now In A ‘Soft Spot’”

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Rockstar Games is known for its long development times, you could always say that it has been rewarded by the quality of games like GTA V or the more recent Red Dead Redemption 2. And it is precisely the sequel of GTA V, for the moment known generically as GTA 6, that we may have to wait even more than what was budgeted.

According to an analyst, Alex Giaimo from Jefferies, the publisher Take-Two and the developer would be in no hurry to launch the new chapter. In fact, their forecast is that the next episode will not arrive before the fiscal year 2022, therefore between that year and 2023 in terms of the solar calendar.

This is because “Take-Two possesses the most high-quality content amongst the U.S. publishers, yet valuation feels full.” The analyst further suggested that “we struggle to find a near-term catalyst to push the multiple much higher at these levels…Despite the undeniable success of GTA & RDR [Red Dead Redemption series], we believe TTWO is now in a ‘soft spot’ when considering the timing of the next release,” probably thanks to the success of GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 with their respective online sectors.

The company, contacted in this regard, declined to comment on Jefferies’ prediction, another signal, if we will get to see GTA 6 no sooner than the predicted years to come.

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