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Analyst Believes That Discord Is A Major Threat To Steam

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In recent years, Discord has managed to position itself as one of the favorite communication tools of gamers. Its growth has been so exponential that there are even analysts who believe that it represents a threat to Steam, the Valve service where you can buy and enjoy PC titles.

Carter Rogers, an analyst who works for SuperData, pointed out that the Valve platform used to be one of the main ways in which players communicated with their friends before. This is why having to manage more lists of friends was what most annoyed the community when important companies decided to leave the Valve platform and focus on their own stores.

“Previously, Steam was invaluable not only because of its storefront but because it facilitated social connections between players. In 2011, Electronic Arts got flak after breaking away from Steam to form its own storefront, Origin. At the time, players feared a slippery slope of multiple companies leaving Steam, resulting in the need to maintain friends lists across a wide range of platforms. Now, Discord is where gamers’ main friends lists live, not Steam,” he said.

Thus, the analyst believes that Discord’s popularity as a communication tool could cause more companies to take their games to other stores: “AAA publishers will be less worried about player backlash from leaving Valve platform if they believe Discord will pick up the crossplay communication slack.”

Although to the naked eye the opinion of Rogers seems to be crazy, in fact, it is not so much. After all, Discord has implemented new features that are clearly focused on making it the center of communication between gamers. In addition, Valve platform is already preparing measures to offer more and better chat options to recover the preference of some.

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And you, do you really think Discord is a threat to Steam? Tell us about your opinions in the comments below.