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Americans prefer M-rated titles in 2016

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The Entertainment Software Association, also known as ESA, today unveiled its annual report called “Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry”, which aims to gather information on the habits of the digital entertainment industry. This studio is focused on the US population and these results correspond to those of 2016.

According to ESA, half of the 20 best-selling games in the United States during 2016 are M-rated. That is, American players preferred titles with high violence or adult themes. The majority of players favored shooters (27.5%), intense action titles (22.5%) and role-playing games (12.9%).

The report also reveals that 67% of US households have a gaming device, and that at least 65% of households have a person playing at least 3 hours a week. The PC tops the list with 97% of the systems used to play. Subsequently are smartphones (81%), consoles (48%) and VR devices (11%). According to ESA, the purchase of virtual reality systems will increase this year.

Finally, the majority of the population of players are men between 18 and 35 years. Players of this age range account for only 21% of the total number of video game users. The report indicates that there are more adult players than girls, that is, 18 years old or younger.

If you are interested in how these statistics have changed, check out the ESA study in 2015. This organization responded to the immigration measures of Donald Trump; in addition, plans to give grants to developers interested in supporting young people.

What do you think about the results of the report? Do you think the trend is the same for 2017? Share your impressions in the comments.

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