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AMD RX Vega will compete directly with GTX 1080 Ti

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Although by now we expected to know something about high-end graphics of AMD RX with Vega architecture, the next generation of the graphics family of AMD, we still do not have much specific data on these new graphics cards. What AMD presented was the graphics of the RX 500 family, the relief of the RX 400 series. Vega, nevertheless, seems that it will arrive to compete with the NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti graphics card.

The performance of the RX Vega could be equivalent to the GTX 1080 Ti and Titan Xp (the latter with a price of 1200€). The new AMD Vega graphics are expected to be the relief of the legendary AMD R9 Fury X, a graphics card for enthusiast components and the latest from AMD really at a high range (and released two years ago, a lot of time when we talk about technology).

What makes RX Vega so special? The answer is simple, its HBM 2 memory. HBM stands for High Bandwidth Memory, a new way to extend bandwidth and graphics memory capacity as the GDDR5 standard seems to be at the limit (the most advanced graphics of NVIDIA have GDDR5X memory, a further push to the veteran GDDR5). The HBM memory consumes less energy, occupies less space within the graphics board and promises to achieve higher resolutions.

This type of memory, powered by AMD, have been seen in the aforementioned R9 Fury X, but not in the RX 400 or 500 range, as it is expected to become popular with the arrival of Vega graphics. Also, speaking of pure and hard numbers, the AMD RX Vega 10 Series would be built at 14 nanometers, would have 4096 ‘stream processors’ and 8 GB of HBM 2 memory which would give it a brutal bandwidth of 512 GB/s, in addition to a 2048-bit bus.

We’ll see what it takes to officially announce RX Vega graphics, but AMD has to be taking the high-end battle very seriously to take so long in the face of NVIDIA enthusiast solutions. In addition, what really determines is the price, so we will have to see what are the surprises offered by the veteran company.