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AMD announces partnership with Bethesda to optimize games for Ryzen and Vega

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In the framework of Game Developers Conference 2017, AMD took the opportunity to talk a bit more about the Vega architecture that will be present in its next line of video cards. There, the company announced that they will work with Bethesda to make their games optimized for this hardware.

Raja Koduri, head of Radeon, explained that this “unique partnership” is not a marketing strategy but a “true engineering collaboration between the companies.” The executive explained that there are members of both companies working on optimizations that take advantage of the new features of Radeon GPUs.

“This is a disruptive moment in the industry as games demand increasingly more power from today’s graphics architectures to deliver detailed worlds and characters at ever higher resolutions, frame rates, and quality settings. Working independently, game developers and graphics companies will eventually address the challenges of this new era of gaming; but working in close collaboration, the pace of that progress can advance exponentially,” Koduri said in a statement.

As you know, this is not the first time both companies will work together, since DOOM was the first AAA title to take advantage of Vulkan technology, the application programming interface. So, with this alliance it is practically a fact that future games of the company will also draw juice from Vulkan.

For the moment, Bethesda has not revealed any of its new projects, but it is a fact that it has something in the hands. We say this since Todd Howard, director of some of Bethesda’s most important projects, announced that they are working on 7 projects, of which 2 are bigger than anything they have done before.

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