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Amazon UK limits SNES mini pre-orders to one console per customer


Those who have ordered more than one SNES Classic Edition console on Amazon UK will only receive one unit, according to the distribution company in a new email to its customers.

Amazon UK has revised the policy regarding the pre-orders of SNES Mini: at this time some customers who had ordered more than one console have received an email in which the order is confirmed for a single piece.

The online sales giant explained that the measure is retroactive, that is, affects both future purchases and those who had already purchased several consoles. This limited sale is due to a change in the availability of merchandise, according to the information provided by Amazon.

SNES Classic Edition appears in the digital store in 2 tickets, one with the original price of £79.99 GBP and another by Nintendo with a price of £69.99 GBP. Both are already depleted, but there is a promise that more units will arrive more in the future.

It is unclear if the decision to restrict the sale is a reaction to Nintendo’s lack of a large stock of this console or if it is a direct request from the video game company to avoid the abuse of resellers.

SNES Mini will be available from 29 September at a price of 79.99 euro, the console includes 21 pre-installed games including Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Super Castlevania IV, Contra III The Alien Wars, Super Mario Kart and the unreleased Star Fox 2.

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