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Amazon Prime vs Netflix: How to Know Which One Is a Better Platform?

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Most of the people, while considering on-demand video streaming services, find Netflix the best option. To date, it is indeed the most popular not just in the USA, but all over the world as well. However, being the most popular does not mean there are no other options. With the emerging market on on-demand video streaming services, more names are coming up. Out of all those competitors, one word that closely follows Netflix in terms of use and popularity is Amazon Prime. Therefore, in this article, we will do an Amazon Prime vs Netflix analysis to see which is better.

While Amazon Prime and Netflix are considered close competitors, there is so much difference between the two. Yes, both of these streaming services are radically distant from each other regarding price, extra features, content selection, and more. So, which one will you choose, if you choose only one out of the two? Well, it is undoubtedly not a very easy decision to make. Therefore, an Amazon Prime vs Netflix cheat sheet will make your work much more comfortable. Further, you will learn about the fundamental differences between the streaming platforms’ significant areas in this article.


Amazon Prime vs Netflix- A more in-depth insight into the differences

Here is the cheat list that looks straight out of a Netflix vs. amazon prime research paper. You will find all the essential details on this list.


While we begin with the Amazon Prime vs Netflix discussion, let us focus on the most fundamental aspect. Yes, we are talking about the price or amount you have to pay to enjoy both platforms’ content.


Starting with the pricing model of Netflix, it is quite simple. There are three types of services that are-

  • Premium @$16 per month
  • Standard @$13 per month
  • Basic @$9 per month

All of the above types of services let you enjoy the whole catalog of Netflix content. This includes movies, specials, and TV shows, that are all ad-free. The critical factor in differentiating these three types of pricing is the video quality. Besides, the number of devices on which simultaneous streaming is possible also differs based on the plans.

The Premium plan allows simultaneous streaming on four devices. Moreover, you can stream videos on Dolby Atmos, when available, and 4K Ultra HD. The latter comes along with the HDR feature. The Standard Plan allows simultaneous streaming on two devices. The picture quality on both the devices will be up to 1080p HD. Last but not least, the Basic plan, as the name suggests, allows only single streaming. The quality, in this case, will be 480p at Standard Definition.

Amazon Prime:

Now, let’s take a look at the pricing structure of Amazon Prime Video, which is simpler to understand. There is a single annual plan of $119 that gives you a complete line of services. Under this plan, you can enjoy the entire catalog of Prime, that too ad-free. Moreover, you will also get several shopping benefits for premium members. Last but not least, you will also get access to Amazon music. Therefore, with a single membership plan, you can enjoy streaming at top-notch quality. This includes Dolby Atmos, when available, and 4K Ultra HD along with HDR.

With Netflix, the list of services under any membership plan includes only TV shows or movies. However, with Prime, you get much more than that. However, one thing you must note is that Amazon Prime allows you to use three services simultaneously. But you can use one service on a maximum of two devices simultaneously. Now, the cheapest plan for Netflix is quite similar to that of Prime.


Therefore, Amazon Prime wins this round of the Amazon Prime vs Netflix price battle.

Device support

If you have a streaming membership that is non-compatible with the devices you have, then it makes zero sense.


Netflix is like the forefather of the streaming services niche. Therefore, it boasts of the maximum device compatibility irrespective of the type. In this case, Netflix supports all those devices that are also supported by Prime, along with a few extra. For example, Netflix also supports Windows Phones and Nintendo 3Ds. However, now Google and Amazon have left behind the hatchet, and Chromecast is now a part of the new list. Therefore, the comparison has become even closer now.

Amazon Prime:

This Amazon Prime team knows how to catch up with the leading competitor, which is not very close behind. Prime is compatible with a wide array of platforms and devices. The list is long and includes-

  • Standard PCs
  • Chromecast Ultra
  • Mac
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Smart TVs
  • Apple TV
  • Blu-ray players
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Nintendo Wii U
  • iOS
  • X box 360
  • Xbox One
  • Android
  • Play Station- 3 and 4

When you decide regarding the Amazon Prime vs Netflix battle based on device support, Netflix is undoubtedly better.


It is time to see who wins the Amazon Prime vs Netflix battle of content.


You will find hundreds of premium Hollywood movies on Netflix, along with a wide range of TV shows, specials, and documentaries. However, over time, the original performances by Netflix are becoming the most popular. For example, The Witcher, The Umbrella Academy, Stranger Things, and more are some of the most popular Netflix Original shows. These productions are increasing the demand for Netflix and stealing all the attention. Presently, the only channel that produces better shows is HBO.

Over time, Netflix is also reducing the catalog of movies to focus more on TV shows. Moreover, the originals have become a big-time growth influencer now. However, now that there is an option of Disney+, Netflix loses out on its exclusivity part. According to reports, all the new Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel movies released in the upcoming days will become exclusives of Hulu and Disney+. Therefore, there is still no clarity regarding how long Netflix will be able to keep its licensing intact regarding Star Wars and Avengers movies.

If you plan to opt for Netflix to replace theaters or Blu-ray renting totally, this may not be a great option. Although you won’t make Netflix the only entertainment option, it is hard to compete with the platform. The high-quality entertainment is leaving behind almost all other streaming services.

Amazon Prime:

The surprising fact is that in the Amazon Prime vs Netflix discussion, the former wins when it comes to the library volume. Yes, the Prime library of TV shows and movies is more extensive than Netflix. There are over 12,000 movies, therefore leaving behind other significant platforms such as Hulu and Netflix. However, the size or volume of the library cannot be the deciding factor. The fact is that Hollywood movies on Amazon Prime are comparatively older. For example, Inception, The Cabin in The Woods, Clue, and more are still the trending movies on Prime.

It means that new movies and shows are available on the platform much later. Moreover, there are several mediocre movies in the list of the 12000+ names. As a result, the entertainment quality is not very high. Now that Amazon invests in producing original shows and movies, there is a new hope of growth. For example, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Man in the High Castle, Jack Ryan, and Fleabag are some original productions. Maybe, Amazon is focusing on sustainability and long-term strategies. However, presently, it lags when it comes to content comparison.


In this round of Amazon Prime vs Netflix, the latter is a clear winner with a list of top-notch movies, TV shows, and documentaries.

User Experience, Video, and Audio

Let’s check out who becomes the winner in this category.


When it comes to interfaces, Netflix boasts of possessing one of the best. Although there are slight alterations based on the device, there is a positive reason for the same. It is to utilize the strengths of a particular platform. For example, the mobile-optimized applications of iOS and Android. When you have Netflix, it is possible to maintain multiple profiles. Each one will take care of a different category of choices and recommendations. For example, one profile can be for children only, where content will be strictly PG-rated. Again, the other one may be universal with a fabulous search option.

Apart from all the advantages, there is a significant drawback that you experience when using Netflix. The platforms insist you watch previews whenever you are trying to focus on a new show. Conclusion This is highly annoying and distracting, and what is worse is that there is no way of disabling the previews. Every title does not have a preview. However, if you are trying to shift between any latest releases, there will be a problem. You will have to pass a window to start with the preview. So, the only way to lessen the distraction is to use the mute option.

The audio and video quality that you get on Netflix is fantastic. The company seems to have expertise in video compression to suit the speed of the internet on your end. Therefore, you will get superb sound and picture clarity until you choose low quality to save data.

Amazon Prime:

The interface of Amazon Prime is a little unwieldy, with variation in usability and style on various devices. Moreover, the experience is better when you are using Fire TV streamers if you compare with other smart TVs. The Amazon Prime Video interface is a part of the online store and not an independent one like Netflix. Now, this becomes a little distracting when you want to understand the search options on it. There is a big search tab on top of the page where you can search for movies. However, it seems like you are searching on and not on the movie platform.

There is no option of creating multiple profiles on Prime as you have on Netflix. Moreover, the video recommendation option is also not significantly upgraded here. Several users complain that finding something decent to watch on Prime is sometimes really jarring. However, there is one exceptional feature on Prime that users appreciate a lot. It is the Amazon X-Ray that gives you access to bios, cast photos, soundtrack info, and filmographies. It is primarily a favorite feature for all trivia lovers. Besides, you can check out all of this extra information while watching something on the main screen.

The quality of the video is usually right on Amazon Prime. Moreover, the company does not charge anything extra for showing titles, even on Dolby Atmos and 4K HDR videos. Besides, they offer Doby 5.1 quality soundtracks wherever possible. Still, there are user complaints regarding the consistency of video quality. Some people report that sometimes the video quality on Prime goes down despite a fast internet connection.


Looking at the interface’s overall quality, along with audio and video features, Netflix is the winner.

Extras and Live TV

We are ending the list of comparison points with this one. Finally, you can decide which platform is better as per your convenience.


One of the most attractive features of Netflix is that it is an all-inclusive platform. You get so much by choosing just one monthly plan. However, if you are expecting more, it may be difficult for you to compensate for the lack of cable TV at home. So, you can conclude, in this case, that despite being a universal platform, Netflix does not offer Live TV or Extras.

Amazon Prime:

Well, Prime is a clear leader when it comes to Live TV and extras. Apart from the Amazon X-Ray feature, the company offers other options too. For example, you can get access to different TV channels apart from watching movies and Amazon videos. So, once you choose an annual plan, you can enjoy both Live TV as well as the entire catalog of the streaming platform.


Amazon Prime is the clear winner in this category.

Final thoughts:

While both Amazon Prime and Netflix are gaining popularity now, the latter seems to be winning in maximum cases. The overall verdict is that Netflix is leading the charts of streaming services based on popularity and features.