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10 new shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video releasing in April 2020

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There are some incredible new shows and movies screened on Amazon Prime Video in April, which you cannot miss. Also, because of this lockdown, you are likely to consume this reduction. Although some regional movies will be released this month, we will get English, just like the unique Hindi arrangement provided by Amazon Studios. The highly anticipated second period of “Four More Photos” and another arrangement called “Story from Story” will be launched in April 2020. This is a summary of the best new shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video, which you should not miss.



10 new shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video that you should watch in April 2020


This movie in Malayalam highlights the genius character Fahad Faasil. He took on the work of a powerful speaker, and his intellectually handicapped compatriots committed suicide and moved to Mumbai. After entering Maxim City, he was employed by a pseudo-corporate team that planned to obtain cash from personal trust in religion. Of all the new shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video, this movie is undoubtedly a must-see watch.


Release Date: April 1, 2020



As the name suggests, this movie is as popular as anyone watching it. It tells the story of a 30-year-old policeman Vikram who is fighting his terrible past. By the way, when he was allowed to disappear as a young man in Hyderabad, he should try to understand it at all costs.


Release Date: April 1, 2020



The four ladies who are not ashamed are back to get more experience. Damini pursues his dreams and hopes to become a disseminated writer, while Anjana is fighting against her predecessor. Siddhi figured out how to investigate her sexual behavior, and Umang finally fulfilled her fantasy. In any case, the ladies must deal with every curve that their relationship, work and life torment. Please shoot four more shots! It is one of the most anticipated titles in all new shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video.


Release Date: April 17, 2020



This Kannada movie tells the story of a fair policeman, scammer, and sadness. During the period of demonetization, the trio formed a weird group together to launch a huge trick. This movie, including Prakash Raj, is the latest South Indian style in all new shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video.


Release Date: soon after


This Punjabi movie revolves around an effective family-run dhaba. Their life, perhaps that way, was turned upside down after the good karma representative of the day was taken away. At present, everything is developing steadily, everything is starting to decline, and the family is in a major family emergency. It achieved good results on IMDb.


Release Date: soon after



This Golden Globe award-winning film depends on the life of English expert Elton John. From his time as a promising performer to a worldwide symbol, his biography has directly followed his biography. It has an excellent soundtrack and incredible cast. This acclaimed movie should appear on your new shows and movies for viewing on Amazon Prime Video.


Release Date: April 2, 2020



Before long, new and unique features will emerge on Amazon Prime Video. This kind of scheduled trailer will make you need to check the main scene anyway, and soon, you will be trapped.


Release Date: April 3, 2020


So, Viral Mania (also known as TVF) did work with Amazon Prime Video to make another network arrangement, including Jitendra Kumar. Before, The show’s title is Panchayat, which revolves around Abhishek, an architecture graduate. So, Abhishek became a secretary in Panchayat’s office in one of the remote towns of Uttar Pradesh because of no outstanding event options. Even if Jitendra is an excellent screen character, and TVF content always has a reliable storyline. Therefore, Panchayat is an extraordinary extension of all new shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video.


Release Date: April 3, 2020



So, The film was produced and coordinated by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Also, this is a romantic story set in the 1990s during the psychological warfare of mass migration. So, this kind of Kashmiris and Kashmir Hindus. The psychological warfare in the region is at the bottom. This movie highlights two new screen characters: Sadia and Aadil Khan.


Release Date: April 4, 2020



Even  If you missed it in a movie theater, or just need to watch it again. So, you can seize the opportunity now.


Release Date: Not confirmed