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amazing factor of USA you should know


Do you want to know about amazing factor of USA? Would you like to spend a season in the US?  To do this, not only do you need to put your English skills into practice, but you also need to know part of their culture, as it changes frequently.  Here are some of the special features that make American culture unique:


Burger  lovers


The first amazing factor of USA is for burger lover. Americans are fascinated by hamburgers, whether it’s their passion for barbecuing or fast food, but it’s a food that is practically missing in any American diet.  As a result, at least 15 to 20% of the invoice price does not remain if the service was adequate or at least one cent stated that the service was a disaster.

Fear of 13th Researchers estimate that at least 10% of the United States population is afraid of number 13, and even more, if it is Friday the 13th.  Businesses are estimated to lose millions of dollars at work due to cancelled meetings or absenteeism. Many facilities do not have a 13th floor, and many hotels avoid rooms 13, often referred to as the 12th floor.  It is because superstitious customers don’t want to stay in place 13 or on level 13.


  Hollywood is one of the amazing factor of USA

amazing factor of USA


The film industry in the United States is the most powerful in the world, and it is the country that generates vast films, television series, cartoons that provide most of the world.




 Metric system is the best amazing factor of USA


The length measurement system in the United States based on inches, feet, yards and miles.  And when we refer to mass units, we have to speak of ounces.


  TV is also a good factor

Americans also love television.  According to a Nielsen study, the average American watches more than five hours of video every day.


  College life 


In the United States, it is most common for a student to move to a residence, student apartment, or one of his famous brotherhoods from home when he starts college.


  Plug is the best option 


  If you choose to travel to the United States, be sure to bring an adapter to charge your cell phone.  The caps are three-pronged.


  Pharmacy service is also the best feature


   If you have a headache or a cold, you can search for generic drugs in a supermarket or local store as if it were a different product.


Final word


  In some of their states, there are very, very strange laws, for example, under the laws of the state of Kentucky: “Everyone has to bathe at least once a year.” I hope you enjoy this article about amazing factor of USA. 


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