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All Titanfall DLC now free and available for download on PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360

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All DLC for Titanfall is out now for free for different gaming platform. Like Xbox One/Xbox 360 and PC. Last year the game was released and after almost a year the game developers has released a new DLC. It is out for download. But there is certain limitation for the DLC download. Only those who are having paid season pass can get access to this downloadable content absolutely free on console and pc. Those who are not having will not be getting any updates.

But there is one information that is out with the DLC. A new version of Titanfall is under development. And this will also come out soon this year. But the final date is not yet confirmed. As per sources Titanlfall 2 is under development process and this game will come out on different gaming platform. So if you are not having the paid season pass, you can wait back for the brand new edition of Titanfall.

The game was out last year around March and it’s almost a long time that we had got a new DLC for that. At the time of launch of the game, it came out with a paid and free DLC both. To give you more information on the DLC, it will offer you a few new expansion packs. This pack consists of new chapters like Expedition, Frontier Edge and IMC Rising. Right now the new update can be found on Xbox. But soon this will also be available for the PC edition.

It would be great to have the new packs as it is going to offer you new maps to play. You can start replaying the game back again and have some more competitive levels. A few images and videos are already leaked on the web that will provide you more information on how the DLC really looks like. There are few multiplayer mode in the game which will help you to play with your friends if you are not finding the campaigns so effective.