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All PS4 models will get HDR compatibility via firmware update available next week

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Yesterday afternoon, Sony announced that from next week, all the models of PlayStation 4 will be compatible with high dynamic range (HDR) technology, which improves the graphics of the game.


The HDR (high dynamic range) has been presented as one of the main characteristics of the new PS4 Pro. At the PlayStation Meeting, Andrew House has confirmed that the feature is also coming on the old PS4 through an update.

To do this, the company will release a firmware update which will add this feature. Probably, Sony was referring to version 4.00 that was in beta a few weeks ago and, according to users who might try the firmware, it also improves the user interface.

It is unclear whether the update in question will be the 4.0, now in beta, or if this will pass for a short period of testing before landing on all players console.

The High Dynamic Range allows you to display images with a deeper brightness range, returning a more realistic feeling to the game sequences transmitted on screen.

So, with the launch of PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, the whole family of PS4 will get support for HDR; however, only the Pro version will be able to scale games to 4K resolution. Of course, to use them however you will need a TV or monitor compatible with this standard.

Among other things for now the details are scarce, but at least there is less reason to prefer the new Pro than the classical and cheaper PS4.