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Alien Isolation Nintendo Switch Release Could Be Very Soon, ESRB Rating Revealed

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Alien Isolation confirmed a few months ago that it would arrive on the Nintendo Switch console. The second fight between Lieutenant Ripley and the most feared sci-fi bug will hit Switch shortly. Its release date has not yet been announced, but we already have some clue about its launch.

Alien Isolation for Nintendo Switch has already received its ESRB rating, the age range the game is aimed at. From what has been known, the port of the game will not reduce the levels of horror caused by its other versions.

Having been qualified, it is intuited that the launch will occur over the next few weeks and that it is getting closer. Alien Isolation has been rated M for adults, as a result of frequent use of “Blood, strong language and violence.” So, Feral Interactive (the studio that will port the game to Switch) will not deflate the game’s powerful mix of horror and violence.

This port was revealed during the Nintendo conference at E3 2019 held in Los Angeles and will adapt to the technical capabilities of the console. Of course, the scares are guaranteed. This game is one of the best horror titles of the generation. Its great setting based on bright locations, the spooky soundtrack delighted fans of survival horror.

Alien Isolation is available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.