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Alien Isolation 2 rumour is not true

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Yesterday, a source of Official PlayStation Magazine UK has revealed that Creative Assembly would be currently working on Alien Isolation 2, but now comes the denial by a particularly insider of close to the British studio.

In the past few days, it was rumored that the developers of The Creative Assembly could have started behind the scenes with the work on Alien: Isolation 2. But an insider told Eurogamer, we should not pay too much attention to the reports.

According to the source, once the studio has completed work on Halo Wars 2, Creative Assembly has actually started work on a new prototype, however this would not be in any way linked to the Alien franchise. In addition, the insider points out that many members of the Alien Isolation team no longer form part of the company for many years now.

Thus, the latest project by The Creative Assembly is indeed in the prototype phase, but the “Alien” brand has nothing to do with it. This, of course, does not categorically exclude the existence of a sequel to the game, which could be entrusted to a different team.

Creative Assembly does not appear to be working on Alien Isolation 2, in fact the company would be already struggling with a different project.

And then there is the fact that Alien: Isolation sold around two million copies worldwide, which Sega apparently did not regard as a great success. Instead, it is said that Alien: Isolation just played   part for its development costs. Thus a successor considered internally is at an excessively high risk.

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