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Coronavirus masks help criminals

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Law enforcement officials have a worrying new reality. In many cities Coronavirus masks help criminals, they hide their faces by using a mask. The masks that criminals have distinguished forever have now allowed them to disguise themselves among ordinary citizens who wear them to avoid COVID-19. According to the FBI, William Rosario López put on an operating mask and entered a Connecticut store that looked like a typical Coronavirus shopper taking fruit and other products. But when the only other customer left, Rosario went to the counter, pulled out a gun. Then he pointed it at the grocer and asked him to open the cash register.


Coronavirus masks help criminals


  This scene, the FBI said in a court document, was repeated by Rosario in four other gas station stores over eight days until her arrest on April 9. It shows a troubling new reality for law enforcement agencies: the masks that have distinguished criminals forever have now enabled them to disguise themselves among ordinary citizens who wear them to avoid the deadly virus.



Criminals using the mask for hiding themself


“Criminals are cunning, and this is a perfect opportunity for them to dress up and mingle,” said Richard Bell, chief of police in the small community of Frackville, Pennsylvania.  Bell says he knows of seven recently armed robberies. In the region where the thief was wearing a mask. It is impossible to estimate how many criminals are taking advantage of the pandemic, but law enforcement officials do not doubt that the number is increasing.  Criminal reports are appearing in the United States and other parts of the world, made easier by the fact that so many people anonymous and wear face masks.

$250 Billion lost because of robbery by criminals

In March, two men entered the New York Aqueduct racecourse wearing the same face masks worn by many racing fans and robbed three shooters at $ 250 billion when they walked from the machine to a safe.  In the past few weeks, robbery by masked intruders has occurred in North Carolina, Washington, and elsewhere.

Coronavirus masks help criminals, we should aware of it. The problem not limited to theft.  In Cook County prison in Chicago, the virus caused nine deaths and infected hundreds of inmates and guards.  Workers assigned to wear face masks. Besides, inmates receive a new one every day, which an occupant has used to escape on May 2.

Jacques Scott  arrested for violence 

  Jacques Scott, who has been arrested on charges of firearms and violated his bail in a drug case. It has tattoos on his face.  But when he put on his mask, he is pretending to be Quintin Henderson.  Who has no tattoos and should be released. The authorities said, Scott managed to complete his escape but captured a week later. Coronavirus masks help criminals, please stay safe & stay home. 

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