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Rumor: Alan Wake Remaster Coming To Switch, PS4 & Xbox One from Virtuos Games


Remedy Entertainment still believes in giving continuity to Alan Wake after recovering the rights to the game, and one of the downloadable content of Control seems an explicit reference to Alan Wake. According to the latest rumor, Virtuos would be responsible for bringing Alan Wake Remaster to current consoles: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Every Xbox 360 fan knows that Alan Wake is surely one of the best games in its catalog, or at least in terms of narrative load. This title led Remedy to become one of the most beloved developers in the Xbox community, but as much as fans asked for a sequel, Remedy and Microsoft were limited to giving a reply, either because it was not the time or Remedy did not have the resources. In any case, it is possible that we have something about the game, even if it is a remastered version.

The rumor comes from ResetEra, how could it be otherwise. A user says that Alan Wake Remaster is being developed and that Virtuous would be the development managers, who also collaborated in Quantum Break. In addition, this remastered version could go out on all platforms, we remember that the rights, previously belonging to Microsoft, have been recovered by Remedy, so the IP belongs to them and they can do whatever they want with it.

The information is based on a mention on LinkedIn, where an engineer of this studio – commissioned by multiple remasters – indicates that they are work on a “Remaster” of a third-person action-adventure, with destruction in some scenarios. Virtuos has collaborated with Remedy in the past, with Quantum Break.

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There is no solid track that relates this description to Alan Wake, but the YouTube channel of Doctre81 says it is the same game.

The truth is that if we recap we see that it makes perfect sense in the world. The sequel to Alan Wake could not come because Remedy did not have the necessary resources, although they also assured that it would be done when the time was right. After recovering the rights, they have a free way of looking for an editor to help them with the project and there is no better way to start than by launching an Alan Wake Remaster on all platforms. No doubt the Remedy-Microsoft era is over.

A hypothetical Alan Wake 2 on current or next-gen consoles can prove to be a real bombshell and we hope it materializes.

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