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Alan Wake Easter Egg Teased in Quantum Break Video

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To celebrate the holidays, Remedy Games has released a new video, to congratulate their fans and have also revealed a small easter egg that will appear in Quantum Break.

Quantum Break is one of the most anticipated exclusive for Xbox One coming in 2016 but many fans still remember with particular affection, Remedy’s Alan Wake, a title despite the flaws that deserves a second chance.

Quantum Break

Consequently, the video is played by creative director of the studion Sam Lake, and shows live action sequence that will appear by way of easter egg in Quantum Break. What is the little wink? The character in the video is named after Alex Casey, and are looking for a missing writer along with his partner.

Alex Casey is the protagonist of the books of Alan Wake, and of course, the writer who is looking for is the very Alan Wake. As if that were not enough, the actor who plays the live action version of the character also appears in the video, along with his American Nightmare attire.

Furthermore, the board is behind, you can see that Alan Wake has been missing for five years. Probably, we will see more of this scenario when Quantum Break debuts next year.

Finally, Sam Lake said that Quantum Break is almost finished, and after all the hard work during this 2015, the studio is giving some touches like this easter egg videos.

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