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Alan Wake 2 could be a reality, as per Phil Spencer

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Over the past year, Remedy Entertainment made ​​it clear that Alan Wake is not dead, and there are chances that a sequel could be a reality. Now, it’s Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, speaking about it.

Alan Wake Screenshot
Alan Wake Screenshot

When a fan asked Phil Spencer if we would see the return of Alan Wake game, the Xbox leader replied: “Right now all of our focus With @remedygames is on @QuantumBreak as we finish but I’m sure we’ll talk about the future.”

So, for the moment everything goes in the air, but it is undeniable that Remedy has no desire to return to Alan Wake for the time being, as said by Sam Lake, creative director of the study, in November last year.

Also, in early 2015, Remedy revealed a gameplay prototype of Alan Wake 2, a title that was in development in 2010 but was not approved by Microsoft, giving way to Quantum Break.

As if that were not enough, Sam Lake also announced that Quantum Break have some easter eggs of Alan Wake. Perhaps, are there any clues to the future of the franchise? Only time will tell.

For now, you can expect Quantum Break releasing soon, exclusive to Xbox One on April 5, 2016. Quantum Break is a game of action and adventure that will combine action title with what happens in the real serial series of the same name, a transmedia project. Slow motion action, mysteries and puzzles in a title that aims to revolutionize adventure games.