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Agony Creators Announce New Game Called Paranoid

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Madmind Studio has undoubtedly caused a stir with the release of Agony. If you liked its style, you should know that the studio has already announced its new game called Paranoid. In addition, the studio commented that Agony Unrated, uncensored version for PC, has been a great success among the community.

For starters, the studio clarified that Agony Unrated is now free for owners of the original title. Formerly offered with 90% discount. Given the good reception of the game, Madmind Studio can now work on Paranoid, its new project.

According to the developers, Paranoid is a survival game with touches of horror. The game will take a while in development, but it’s almost ready to debut on PC, via Steam. Paranoid promises a deep story, as well as a dynamic and brutal gameplay.

The game will tell you the story of Patrick Calman, a 31-year-old man who has lost his entire family in mysterious circumstances. His parents died violently and his sister is missing. However, 13 years after the events, he receives a mysterious call from his sister, who is ready to return. You can check the trailer for the project at the end of this news.

Madmind Studio said that the protagonist will have a fairly intense inner struggle, so we will not know with certainty if what we see is reality or is the product of his paranoia. The title will have a combat system where we will face different types of horrifying enemies.

Paranoid will have certain mechanics based on the excessive use of dr*gs, so we will explore surreal environments. Depending on our actions in the title, we can unlock up to 3 different endings.

Paranoid does not yet have a release date and is currently confirmed for PC only.