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Agent, next game to be announced by Rockstar, at E3 2016

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The publisher Take-Two reminds us that the license of Agent is still in forecast for the Rockstar development studio. Indeed, the trademark was filed again and this in a few days of the opening of E3 2016, maybe a coincidence?

Agent Game Teaser

Revealed for the first time in 2009, Agent appears as a new license issued to the Rockstar development studio. Presented as a spy game exclusive to the PS3 and having similar ambitions to GTA (Grand Theft Auto), the game is still very mysterious. Indeed, no real image of title has been released so far.

A few days before the start of E3 2016 in Los Angeles, we learn that the publisher Take-Two has redeposited the brand of Agent with the USPTO, the US Office of awarding patents and brands trade.

So, will the game be unveiled at the show for the new PlayStation 4? However, one must also note that Take-Two has extended trademark protection several times and never something happened. For this, we have to wait for the upcoming E3 event, which will take place in return for a few days.

Also, we expect a potential revelation of Rockstar’s next game in the Californian living room which opens on 12 June. So stay tuned!