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Adventurous Outdoor Sports to Do in Nepal with Kids

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It’s no surprise that extensive holidays often send kids in high spirits. But on the far side, it assigns parents to a hard core job of finding vacation spots apt for family fun and reunion. They have to spend immense time and money to come up with one perfect destination.  

So it won’t be unfair to say that kids these days are too hard to impress. Regardless of that, parents have to look things around the way kids would. They have to equally prioritize the taste of their kids and plan the trip accordingly. 

As an adult, it’s the duty of parents to provide their kids with a fun but learning experience through travel. And for that, there’s no better place than Nepal, a country full of surprises. It has a bit of everything from art galleries to historic museums and both natural and theme parks to explore. 

People may get tired of wandering places but Nepal will never fall short of it. The destinations offered here are feasible and within reach. Places as fantastic as Annapurna Base Camp and Rara Lake lie in Nepal which can be easily accessed. 

Kids would surely adore these places as it’s both fun traveling and exploring. This is perhaps enough to lift the weight on your shoulder about what to do in Nepal with kids. 

Here’s the list for some of the adventurous activities that’s appropriate for kids to do in Nepal. These activities assure to provide kids with both pleasure and knowledge. 

1. Everest Base Camp via Helicopter 

Nothing makes travel in Nepal more gratifying than Everest Base Camp Trek. It becomes even more soul-satisfying when one doesn’t have to walk a mile and still catch the glimpse of Mt. Everest. 

Now this might have put you into a puzzle. But with Everest base camp helicopter tour with landing, people can easily make it to the campsite and that too within an hour or less. It’s a kid-friendly trip as they won’t have to walk daunting steep hills or cliff faces for at least 2 weeks. 

Trekking through a helicopter comes as an incredible way to discover places in Himalayan region. No need for kids to hike long-distance trails as they can simply view Everest and even Nuptse from the flight. 

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The tour is a mixture of Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar so kids will get their time to explore the site. They’ll be able to witness the wonderful valleys and unique landscape from the viewpoint. 

2. Jungle Safari 

If your kid is a nature lover or fond of watching wild animals, then don’t think too hard and just go with jungle safari. It’s a favorite recreational activity amidst families and kids in Nepal. 

Jungle Safari is a short tour inside one of the national parks and wildlife reserves in the lowland. Terai is basically home to most national parks including Chitwan which is extremely popular for jungle safari. 

The kids need to go far inside the jungle to witness as many as 700 species of wildlife. You would be lucky if, got to glance at the tiger but spotting rhino is almost guaranteed. Few of the rare animals inhabited in the park include hispid hares and four-horned antelopes. 

Having to learn about so many different wild species can lead your kid to be a young environmentalist. There will always be a tour guide with so no stress of getting lost. Options are wide open from jeep safari to elephant ride so you can choose any of them. 

3. Rafting 

Get your kid both adventure and exploration with river rafting in Nepal. Normally popular among youth, kids too can go for rafting on the rivers in Nepal as they are safe. 

The country has different scales of river from smooth flowing to moderate and highly difficult one to navigate. It is therefore, Nepal’s sweeping river is every rafters wonderland. 

This might scare some parents but there’s nothing to worry as Nepal has enough Class I and Class II rivers. Trishuli which falls under Class II category is tremendously popular for river rafting. 

Kids above 5 can easily navigate the river and get through it. They can also enjoy the scenic view of lush green forest and birds inhabiting the region. 

4. Boating in Phewa Lake 

No parents would disallow their kid to paddle boat in Phewa Lake as it’s no harm. If that’s too little to please then let’s inform you that the adventure sport is great fun. 

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Spread across 1.7 sq miles area, Phewa is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Nepal. Just about 208 km away from Kathmandu, Phewa Lake is easily accessible and affordable. 

Boating in the serene lake hardly costs US $5 but what you’ll get in return is significant. Riders get to watch the majestic water and various genus of fish as much as they like. 

Kids will also get to visit the main attraction of the lake which is Tal Barahi Temple. It’s a two-storied pagoda style temple of goddess Durga placed in the center of the lake. Since kids are too young to ride solo, parents must assist them to row the boat or hire someone pro to sail. 

5. White Water Fishing

Of course fishing is fun no matter where you do it. But the white water fishing in Nepal is something else with the adventure nowhere to be compared. The rivers here are favourable for fishing and provide kids with an unforgettable experience. 

The rivers in Nepal are inhabited by a wide species of fish so kids will come with a reward, every time they cast the rod. They can always find their own sweet spot in the forest just in case, get tired of catching these giants. 

Young ones will enjoy fishing in the white river anywhere from Bhote Koshi to Tamor and Balephi. But with small kids, it’s better to go fishing in Seti Karnali as it falls under class 2 rapids. The water moves slow and steady except in the presence of small stoppers. 

The river seldom lives through small waves but other than that it’s totally safe. Just to alarm, don’t forget to suit your kids with the best fishing gear in the market.  

It’s always best to buy them a quality spinning rod so that they can depend on it. Backpack an adaptable monofilament fishing line and a flexible reel to allow them spool easily.

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