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Adventures of Pip download available on August 18 2015 for PS4 and Xbox One

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Adventures of Pip is a side scrolling game that is about to release on August 18. The game will be coming on PS4 and Xbox One this time. It looks really nice from the video that is at the end of this article. The game will cost around $14.99.

Adventures of Pip Screenshot
Adventures of Pip Screenshot

Adventures of Pip is a simple puzzle based side scrolling game that is suitable for all ages. The game offers you a very simple 2D type environment where you will be locating different objects to clear up the levels. The more you progress the more challenging it will be. The game video below shows you a glimpse of different chapters that are in the game. Within a short time frame you have to find out the path and get out of the place in order to move ahead. The game was about to release in the month of May but due to some reason this was delayed and now finally in August it is releasing.

The game is based on Pip which is a small character who survives in the game by absorbing the pixels. It lets Pip to change its form. Pip’s motive is to save the Pixel Kingdom. The game features around 10 hours of immersive gameplay with variety of puzzles and obstacle clearance. So this game would be kind of a nice choice for kids and even for those who are looking for different taste in gaming. Side scrolling games are quite rare today due to a similar kind of gameplay, but in Pip you will definitely find some uniqueness.